ECRMI Volunteers Corps

“To provide an organized, trained, dedicated, compassionate and effective pool of professional volunteers that is capable of enhancing and supporting the efforts of the National and States’ Emergency Management Agencies across Nigeria during emergencies, crises and disasters to preserve lives”
“To become a Foremost First Responders Volunteers Organization with a distinguished base of volunteers in the field of Emergency, Crises and Disasters aimed at achieving integrated sustainable community disaster response and development”
ECRMI FIRST RESPONDERS VOLUNTEERS CORPS will be trained from time to time on disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact our environments. Such trainings will include basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, first aid and disaster medical operation.
The volunteers will be trained to respond safely, responsively and effectively to emergency situations.  The trainings will build essential skills and capabilities to prepare for and respond to any disaster that their community may face through hands-on-practice and realistic exercises/drills/simulations
We believe our health and safety are essential for us to fulfill our mission.  We are committed to providing the best health and safety programmes for the well being and operational readiness of our volunteers
We must be honest and fair in our dealings with the members of our community and each other as professionals
We believe trustworthiness is one of the most important ethical values and brings together such qualities as honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty
We believe in the basic dignity of every individual and value all members of the community and the ECRMI First Responders Volunteers Corps.
We consider it our duty to deliver friendly beneficial quality service with flexibility and adaptability to an ever changing environment which promotes our mission.
We will be sensitive to the needs of others by being compassionate, thoughtful, open-minded, willing to understand, and by being a good listener.
We recognize that we must build upon the strengths of our colleagues by developing individual strengths and encouraging personal mastery, establishing good relationships with others
The ECRMI First Responders Volunteers Corps are expected to adhere strictly to the following standard of behavior and core values:
  • Abide by the core values
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information related to the Corps activities unless otherwise authorized by the Corps Coordinator
  • Refer any request from the media for information or comments directly to the Corps Coordinator
  • Put safety first in all the Corps activities and always promote safe work practices
  • Respect and use all equipment appropriately
  • Report injuries, illnesses and accidents to the appropriate authorities immediately
  • Dress appropriately for the job assignment and environment
  • Treat others with courtesy, tact, consideration and humility
  • Accept the chain of command and respect others regardless of position
  • Always attend the Corps Monthly/Quarterly trainings designed to enhance my capabilities and capacity to perform effectively as an emergency volunteers
  • Shall not respond for duty under the influence of alcohol or any other substances that may influence my ability to perform assigned tasks to the very best of my ability
  • To use the equipment or partner agency equipment or resources for personal use.
  • To use profane language and not to engage in disruptive behavior including what could be considered physical or sexual abuse, or harassment
  • Not to accept or seek on behalf of myself or the other persons, any financial advantage or gain as a result of the volunteer’s affiliation with the corps