London Enterprise Ambassador & Macro-economic Policy Analyst. Lead Consultant to ECOWAS Commission on Private Sector Development, Policy Advocacy Consultant to Central Bank of Nigeria; Consultant to Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria(FAAN) and at various times, was DfID Trade Adviser to Nigeria Govt. (Trade Policy, 2011-2012), and  Consultant to World Bank(Customs Facilitation); AU/NEPAD Agency; AfDB (Private Sector Development);vt (UK), London Govt(Mayor) and London Haringey/Enfield Councils.

These include Her Majesty Home Office Comm. Dev Foundation; London Food Board; Board of London Business Link; London Mayor Special Committee on Business/Educ Partnership; Chairman (Edmonton EU Regen Partnership); Chair(London Biz Dev Corp); Vice Chair (Haringey City Growth Strategy); to mention but a few.