Oluseyi Martins, very popularly known and remembered as Seyi Martins “the only Martins on Martins Street” in the glorious days of Radio Nigeria – 2 Lagos (RN-2 AM/FM Stereo) Nigeria’s first FM-Stereo broadcast station.

Seyi Martins as a junior announcer, foiled an attempted military coup d’état against the democratically elected government of President Shehu Shagari in May 1980 and was immediately elevated to a senior grade. He subsequently received a Presidential commendation. He was four times announcer / broadcaster of the year.

His broadcasting practice included such establishments as United Nations Radio New York, Radio WBGO – Jazz 88, New Jersey, USA; City University, New York (campus radio where he interviewed Nelson Mandela, on his first visit to the USA after his release from prison); BBC- London and later BBC- Essex: Ben- TV London,  as newscaster and analyst on Nigerian Affairs; Naija FM, a Nigeria community radio in London and Unity 1960 internet radio for Nigerians in the Diaspora, of which he is founder and first CEO.

He was a Past President of the Manhattan Junior Chamber of Commerce, USA; (Jaycees International – 1992) and first African to hold that position with a seat at the New York City Board of Trade.

He completed a Master of philosophy degree in International Relations & History at the City University of New York; studied Law at the University of Greenwich, London, and   until recently was in Law practice in Central London. He is an assiduous compere of events and corporate programmes; a prolific writer and contributor to several Radio and Television Programmes on African affairs and State of the Nation. Presently, he is into training of Presenters in Presentation Ethics; in business, government, and broadcasting. He is a Guest Network Newscaster on FRCN (Headquarters)Abuja.