Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency, Crisis, Disaster, Safety, Environment & Risk Management Institute is a professional Institute established or set out to promote professionalism and best practices in the professions of Emergency, Crisis, Disaster, Safety, Environmental& Risk Management through seminars, workshops and symposium.

The Institute activities are structured to position our Members to rise above challenges in their endeavors especially in the area of Emergency, Disaster and Risk Management to do this we organize:

  • Annual National Conference
  • Annual Public Lecture
  • Emergency, Disaster and Risk Management Fora
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Seminar, Workshop and Symposia
  • Regular Training Programmes
  • Development Courses
  • Mandatory Continue Education.

These programmes are designed to update and progressively build knowledge and skills required for understanding and execution of daily task in Emergency, Disaster and Risk Management and other relevant fields. We also inculcate the culture of best practice and Corporate Governance.

The Institute is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with Reg. No. RC1472859 and approved by the federal Ministry of Education Abuja. We have a mission to train and retrain professionals in the areas of Emergency, Crisis, Disaster, Environmental, Safety and Risk Management.

  • Membership of Emergency, Crisis, Safety, Environmental, Disaster & Risk Management Institute is open to any individual who has an interest in Health, Safety, Environmental, Crisis, Disaster and Emergency Management and who meets the requirements of the membership grading.
  • Current Members are employed in a diverse range of occupations including Safety, Occupational Health, Occupational Hygiene, Risk Managers, Environmental Managers etc.

Benefits Of Membership

1. News and Information:

  • Email updates
  • Newsletter – “ECRMI News”
  • Journal – “ ECRMI Journal of Emergency, Safety, Environmental and Risk Research and Practice”
  • Magazine – “ECRMI Magazines”


  • Development through regular meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences etc.
  • Networking: the opportunity to make contact with other people passionate about Emergency, Safety,
    Health, Disaster, Environmental Management and seek support from other s and exchange information
    and ideas.
  • Regular updates and opportunity to provide comment on the Newsletters, Journals or Magazines.


  • Recognition through the use of Letters after your name.
  • Membership Certificate and Annual Membership Card.


  • Reduced cost of attending Emergency, Crisis and Risk Management Institute Seminars, Conferences and


  • Indemnity Insurance available at a discounted rate for Chartered Members and above


INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: Individual is open to Occupational health & Safety, Disaster Management, Risk Managers and s from allied fields, Fire Safety and Security. Individual Membership of the Institute shall be divided into the following categories:

  • STUDENT MEMBER: A Student Member shall include any person who is attending school with the intention to enter the Emergency, Safety, Environmental and allied profession upon graduation.
  • AFFILIATE MEMBER: This shall constitute those who are engaged in Safety or a related field with a minimum of a year work experience.
  • GRADUATE MEMBER: A Graduate Member must have at least two (2) years of experience in a Health, Safety, Environmental or Disaster or related role as well as must possesses recognized qualifications.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER: This shall constitute of Members with at least three (3) years experience in a Health, Emergency, Safety, Environmental or related role as well as possesses recognized qualifications.
  • TECHNICAL MEMBER: A Technical Member must possess at least five (5) years of experience in Risk, Disaster or related role as well as must possess a recognized qualification.
  • PROFESSIONAL MEMBER: To progress to Member Level, a member must have at least three (3) years of experience as a Technical Member and also be in Health, Safety, Environmental, Disaster or Risk Management leadership positions for at least five (5) years. In addition, all Chartered Members must pass Knowledge and Skills Assessment and an Oral Interview.
  • FELLOW: Fellowship of the Institute is awarded only to Members who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the Emergency, Crisis, Safety, Health, Environmental and Risk profession. Our Fellows go “above and beyond” the call of duty and are the Ambassadors of the Institute as determined by the Governing Council.
  • HONOURARY MEMBER: These are conferred on those who have made notable contributions in the profession or to Emergency, Crisis, Safety, Disaster & Risk Management Institute or otherwise determined by the Governing Council to deserve such honour.
  • CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: Corporate Membership is open to those organizations directly involved in Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental, Emergency and Allied Professions.


ØThe application forms for membership registration are obtainable from the institute’s Office Mondays to Fridays     (8am – 5pm daily).

Applicants may also complete the Application Online Here! @ or Download Application Form @ fill it & submit along with:

  1. a) Photocopies of your credentials
    b) Updated C.V,
    c) Two (2) passport photographs.
    d) And N 5,000 cash or payment made directly into the Institute’s account:

UBA  UBAA/C NO.: 1013635573