Dr (Mrs) Anastasia Gbem

Dr (Mrs ) Anastasia Gbem is a seasoned lawyer with a couple of 30 years experience in the Aviation industry. Her  vast experience in the aviation cuts across several sectors of the industry which includes the CAA regulatory role, Airport management, air navigation service provider and accident investigation. Over the  period of 30 years, ten (10) of which have been at the top management level, she has served and occupy positions such as  the Company  Secretary/Legal Adviser to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Legal Adviser to Nigeria Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) and Legal Adviser to Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) a position she still holds presently. She has equally served in several other capacities as member of national Ministerial committees and Chairpersons of different bodies within the organizations.

Her contributions in the sector at the national level spans through the drafting, review and adoption of national aviation legislations and regulations, manuals of operation, compliance and  enforcement handbook which are applied nation wide to regulate the conduct of aviation activities in the country and implement standard requirements. In addition Mrs Gbem has played key leading role in the  modernization of civil aviation laws in Nigeria and in particular the ratification and domestication of several international air law instruments which have become part of the national laws.

Mrs Gbem is fairly familiar with ICAO activities and has over the years participated actively in ICAO  programs  both at the international, regional and national levels.  She has been involved with both ICAO and FAA audits programs in  the area of safety oversight audit and category one assessment where she served as a resource person on the aspects of critical elements number 1, 2, and 8. Dr. ( Mrs) Gbem has also served for two terms as a member of the ICAO Commission of Experts of the Supervisory Authority of the  International Aircraft Registry on the Cape Town Convention. Also, she has at a point in time or the other advised the Ministers and Board of Directors of the Banjul Accord Group/ Banjul Accord Group Safety Oversight Organization (BAGASOO).

She has equally participated in a host of ICAO Conferences and meetings as delegate,  some of these includes but not limited to; Diplomatic conferences on the adoption of Cape Town Convention and Protocol on International Interests in Mobile Equipment in Durban South Africa 2001; Conference to adopt convention on compensation for damage caused by aircraft to third parties Montreal 2009; conference to adopt protocol to amend 1977 Montreal Convention and 1970 Hague Convention held in Beijing, 2010, the 36th and 37th ICAO Assembly, 12th Air Navigation Conference Montreal 2012, and 34th, 35th and 36th sessions of Legal Committees meeting (2009, 2013, 2015) respectively, Etc.

A law graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria,  Mrs Gbem is called to Nigerian Bar and has obtained  a Masters of Laws Degree in Air and Space Law from McGill University, Montreal Canada and is persuing a Ph.D programme in Space Law from Leiden University International Institute of Air and Space Law. She was recently Conferred with Honorary Doctorate Degree of the Doctor of Science and Justice Administration by the European American University of the Commonwealth of Dominica in April, 2018.  She is well trained and has received several professionals  certificates in leadership, Management, safety oversight, compliance and enforcement, safety management system and arbitration from renowned institutions within and outside Nigeria. She has several publications to her credit.

In other social development activities , Dr Gbem has served as the Vice Chairperson of the Aviation Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association Section on Business Law (NBA – SBL) and she is a member of the Board of Trustee of the African Women Lawyers Association and the President of Zonta International Club of Lagos 1. as well as a member of International Aviation Women’s Association ( IAWA). She  has received many  awards and recognition including the Women of Merit National Gold Award, Fellow Chartered Institute of  Aviation Management (FCIAM), Fellow Chartered Institute of Public Diplomacy and Management (FIPDM), Honorary Fellow of the Emergency Crisis Disaster Safety Environmental and Risk Management Institute ( FECRMI). Dr Mrs Anastasia Gbem is happily married and blessed with children.